The vision of creating a sanctuary in Ransom Canyon grew out of prayer and faith; divine order brought it into completion. When a small group of residents formed a Bible Study group in 1973, love and caring earned them the title "The Share Group."

​Goal: Their dream was to create a place of worship and fellowship for all faiths. In 1983, the death of leader Linda Shavor inspired to establish a memorial fund that might grow and enable them to build a "little chapel in the wildwood."

​Faith: Without funds, plans or space but influenced by Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and power," they took their calling to the community. It responded with a flow of donations and offers of materials and labor. On June 26th, 1988, the sanctuary was dedicated.

Inspiration: The Chapel became a vibrant and uplifting portion of the canyon, and in 1988, the first regular Sunday service was held, beginning a practice of inviting ministers from local churches to conduct services.

Fulfillment: In 2000, the chapel met the requirements to become a full-service church, and the dream of 1983 became a reality!

Our History