The Venue

Our chapel and garden area are a secluded and unique oasis perfect for your next wedding, vow renewal, retreat, memorial, or baptism.


The Chapel

The chapel consists of three main rooms: the sanctuary, the parlor, and kitchen area. There are two separate bathrooms, and a small storage area. The outside courtyard area has a water fountain and deck that overlooks beautiful views of the springfed pond and natural fauna of the box canyon.

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary has a large floor-to-ceiling lancet arch window, which is surrounded with natural stone and looks out to the fountain in the courtyard. Centered in this window is an inspiring 12-foot high walnut cross. There are also two brass candelabras, an upright piano, a Yamaha electric piano/organ, and a 55" flat screen TV. The chapel accommodates 100 people and comes included with chairs that are movable to accommodate various seating arrangements.


The Parlor

The parlor area is adjacent to the rear of the sanctuary and has a couch, 2 chairs, and an adjustable round table. It can be closed off with folding doors to offer a separate room for the bride with bathroom access or left open to add additional seating. It can also be used as a reception area. The parlor can be accessed through the inside of the chapel and has an outside exit door.

The Deck

The deck is also a nice place for a reception. Kitchen windows can be opened to service the deck without having to walk through the crowd.


The Kitchen

Our kitchen is provided with coffee makers, serving utensils, glass plates, cups, punch bowls, and serving platters. Included is an oblong serving table with a white lace tablecloth. A simple divider (included) can close off the kitchen during the service if the kitchen is already set up for the reception.

The Garden

Unique to our location is a picturesque garden that includes a fountain and walkway, perfect for pictures and greeting guests.